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Are you looking for an experienced Houston newborn photographer, who can create heart melting images of your precious newborn, without compromising safety? I am passionate about newborn photography, and it’s not just a sideline for me – it’s my specialty. I have trained with some of the biggest names in the business of newborn photography around the country. In addition, in 2016 I earned my certification as a CPP (certified professional photographer) from PPA (Professional Photographers of America). I also had one of my images awarded Best Portrait of a Child for 2016 by the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston, and had two newborn images published in “Shutter”, a national photography magazine.

I’ve chosen to specialize in newborns because, with my two precious daughters grown up and married now, I truly understand that while the days are long with young children, the years are short. When I was a young mom, I can remember well meaning older ladies telling me how fast the time goes, and to cherish every moment. While I was aware my little ones were growing quickly, in the midst of the chaos of having two babies in a little over two years, I must admit that I didn’t really “get it” the way I do now.  I would give anything to hold my two daughters as newborns again. SSabine4girlWebometimes I try to imagine what their newborn images would look like, if I had been the photographer then that I am today.  I want you to have the kind of beautiful, soul stirring images of your newborn that you will treasure. And years from now, those images will transport you back to the time when their tiny fingers curled around yours, and they snuggled their sweet smelling little heads into your neck.FBFamily10

I have had the honor and pleasure of photographing over 1000 newborns. Many were just 24-48 hours old, in the hospital where I spent the first two years of my photography career working as a newborn photographer. That job gave me a wonderful foundation in baby safety and basic posing techniques, and lots and lots of practice photographing newborns. However as I grew in skill I began to be frustrated with the limitations of the hospital setting.

WadeSmileIn 2013, I decided to set up my first studio in my home in Missouri. I began to accept clients, to take photography classes and seek out mentors, and to acquire all the props and equipment I’d been wishing for. By the way, both the education and the prop shopping are never ending for me – I am hooked! If you’d like to see a list of the recent workshops and conferences I’ve attended, and training I have done, click here. In 2015 we moved from Columbia, Missouri to League City, Texas, where I am blessed to have been able to create a beautiful new studio out of the second floor of our home. While my specialty is maternity and newborn portraiture, I also enjoy photographing older babies, children and families. And I especially love a good first birthday cake smash. I would love to welcome you to my studio, and create timeless art that celebrates your family.


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If you’ve taken the time to read this far, I hope you have gotten a feel for the love and commitment I put into my work, and for the great respect and care with which I handle every baby I have the honor to photograph. I know that the choice of a newborn baby photographer in the Greater Houston area, especially one who will handle your brand new baby, is something you want to consider carefully. I’m always happy to meet potential clients for a consultation in my studio at no charge, where you can get to know me, and see all my props and go over my full price list. Please call me at 573-356-1236, or email me at laurakingphotography@gmail.com to set up a time.