What to Wear Guide

What To Wear: 

  • Baby should come dressed in loose fitting clothes to avoid any lines on skin. A onesie that opens in front is best, as this avoids us having to lift anything tight over baby’s head. In family photos, baby will be generally photographed either wrapped in a wrap provided by the studio, or naked.
  • For parents being photographed with baby, we recommend a long sleeve shirt for Dad in a soft neutral color with no buttons. Buttons can scratch baby’s skin or catch on wraps. Beige, khaki, olive green, burgundy, navy, charcoal, taupe, cream and brown are all great colors. Think “muted” tones. If Dad is comfortable showing his chest for a few photos this can make for some very tender, skin-on-skin images.
  • For Mom, we recommend a tank top in a neutral or muted color. Please also bring a strapless bra in nude or white. We often wrap mom in fabrics here at the studio to give the appearance of a simple strapless dress.
  • Siblings should be dressed in neutral tones like dad. Jeans or khaki pants work well for boys and “sundress” style looks with no pattern look best on girls. Again, keep colors neutral and “muted” so that faces stand out more than the clothes they are wearing. Bright colors tend to detract from your children’s beautiful expressions.

In addition to the above tips, we have a packet of information for clients with ideas on clothing colors and styles for your session, and am happy to provide more guidance.

If you have already booked your session, thank you again for choosing Laura King Photography to document this special time in your lives. We are honored you chose us, and consider photographing your newborn a great responsibility and privilege.

If you are ready to book, or would like to schedule a free consultation to tour the studio and talk with Laura before making your decision, please call us at 573-356-1236, or send us an email using the contact form on the website.