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've been photographing babies since 2013. It’s crazy to me to think that my first newborns are now going into the third grade!

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Since you’re here, I’m sure you’ve already realized that time is a thief. You know that treasured baby in your arms – or even still in your belly – will grow and change so very quickly. This is why I do what I do. Back when my girls were born, newborn photography wasn’t even a thing. How I wish I had the sort of heart melting professional newborn photos of them, that I specialize in now. So you can bet that when their babies, my grandbabies, were born I made sure to capture amazing images of them

Not only are my first newborn subjects getting older, my own two daughters are now adults. Despite my most valiant efforts to slow down time and savor every moment, they are all grown up and having their own babies. I feel like I couldn’t possibly be old enough to be a grandma, but having grandkids is actually a lot of fun. I also enjoy traveling with my husband (see photo below of our 30th anniversary trip to Hawaii). And now that the kids are grown, we’ve adopted two more beautiful children – this time with fur. My favorite coffee mug says “I like big mutts and I cannot lie”.

These were mini sessions right in the hospital rooms, with a standard set of poses and very basic lighting. As I began to learn more about photography, I realized that if I wanted to have the freedom to grow my skills and creativity, I needed to start my own business.
Since then I’ve traveled to many workshops and conferences and have trained hands-on with some of the best newborn photographers around the country. The entire second floor of my League City, Texas home is now a beautiful photography studio. I’ve been recognized for my work in numerous image competitions and published in national magazines. In 2016, I went through a rigorous course of testing and image critique to earn my CPP (certified professional photographer) designation from PPA (Professional Photographers of America). I’m proud to be one of just a handful of CPPs in the greater Houston area who specialize in newborn photography. 

My background story

y first job in photography was as a hospital newborn photographer, and in two years I photographed over 1000 babies. 


30th anniversary photo shoot in Hawaii with the love of my life

30th anniversary photo shoot in Hawaii 

A Look into my


My whole family, minus the fur babies!

Time is moving too fast! How do I already have grandchildren?

Our own little photo session. Why not! 

Josie & Jamison loved having their own photo session!

A studio with all the

Come and relax at my comfortable and spacious home studio in League City, Texas.

 of home


While I'm photographing your baby, you are welcome to sit in the room and watch, or if you prefer you can take a break in the lounge area. Most parents choose to go back and forth, and some even nap!

By the way, did you know that League City is just a 30 minute drive from downtown? On weekdays, mid morning - which is when I schedule newborns and babies - there's not much traffic and the drive shouldn't take you more than 1/2 hour. 

We have decided to name Laura the Modern Fairy Godmother of Newborns. She waves her magic camera, employs an unbelievable array of props and then blows pixie dust and stars into her photos. We are thrilled. Each time we look at Laura’s photos we fall in love with the baby all over again. It is apparent that Laura comes with years of experience. Her creativity is unsurpassed. She matches parents’ preferences with her seemingly bottomless cupboard of artistic items. In our session, which lasted for hours, we marveled at her newborn patience, care and skill. She is a master of artful swaddling. Yes, it is a thing! And, had I not seen it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed that she could coax a smile out of a sleeping infant. She makes even the jowly sleepy pouts look adorable. Laura is able to capture newborn nuances that we didn’t know existed until we received the photos.
- Jeannie

“Each time we look at Laura’s photos we fall in love with the baby all over again.”

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I really do not have words to express how magnificent was this experience. Laura is so sweet, helpful, nice, and at the same time so professional. She really loves children and babies. I really loved this experience, she made me feel at home all the time and added extra flavor to my already wonderful moment. To add to all of this, the final work is just incredible.
- Irene

"Laura is so sweet, helpful, nice, and at the same time so professional."

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Laura is an absolutely phenomenal photographer!!! She has an incredible eye for detail, and her creativity continuously wows me. She truly is a “baby whisperer” and is so tender and kind with children. She makes every person she meets feel comfortable in front of the camera and produces the most beautiful images with intricately thought out color schemes and prop usage. Her talent shows in all that she does, and we feel so blessed to have found her. We have used her for maternity photos, family photos, and newborn/milestone photos for all of our children and will continue to use her for future children and family memories. 
- Pamela

"Laura truly is a 'baby whisperer' and is so tender and kind with children."

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The pictures came out STUNNING & i couldn’t be more in love with them. This was my daughter and also my first photoshoot and Laura made me feel super comfortable & was great with my daughter. 
 - Julia

"laura made me feel super comfortable and was great with my daughter."

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After an initial consultation, we brought our little girl in for her newborn photo session at 9 days old. Laura worked wonders with her, and was extremely patient and willing to take breaks. She created lifetime memories which we will have forever. We were extremely happy with our final product and would absolutely recommend Laura to anyone in the Houston area. 
- Shannon

"would absolutely recommend laura to anyone in the houston area."

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Laura is a truly gifted photographer! She welcomes you into her home as if you were family. If you are debating over the price, trust me – the quality is worth every penny.
- Christina

"the quality is worth every penny."

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Laura is very sweet and has a great studio set up in her home. Lots of props, you can tell she’s very invested in her craft. I’ve gone to her for maternity, newborn, and six months, and I'm looking forward to my son's one year cake smash photoshoot. She has always exceeded my expectations!

"she has always exceeded my expectations!"

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Laura King is fantastic. What I love about her is the high quality of the photos. The different options for printing the pictures are outstanding quality as well. She is personable and really has become a part of my children’s life. I have used her for the past 4 years and will continue. She makes each picture session individualized, so you know you are getting something unique. The sessions are fun as well. Lastly, you instantly feel welcomed. I highly suggest her for any child’s session.
- Jackie

"She makes each session individualized, so you know you are getting something unique."

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I absolutely love the pictures that Laura takes of my grandchildren. Her gorgeous backdrops, delightful props, variety of poses and her ability to capture each child’s personality make it so difficult to choose from all of photographs she produces. I’ve been there several times to watch her photograph the kids and each time she manages to “catch”’ their precious expressions as she laughs and plays with them while they don’t even realize they’re being photographed. Laura has truly given us some memories to cherish.
- Debbie

"Each time, she manages to 'catch' their precious expressions as she laughs and plays with them."

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Laura King Photography is a full-service photography studio specializing in photography for maternity, newborn and baby's first year. I take pride in customizing each and every experience for my clients, beginning with the end in mind - beautiful and memorable images for your home, to share with family and friends, and to commemorate all of the important milestones as your family grows.



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