Welcome back to Laura King Photography! I’m excited to share that I’m officially moving back to my namesake brand—specializing in newborn and first-year photography. This isn’t a physical studio move though, just a change in brand; I’ll still be at my Heights studio. 

You might recall that about a year ago I teamed up with amazingly talented family photographer, Allison McPhail. At the time we merged our business endeavors in order to support another fellow photographer, Evin Thayer – as he moved into retirement. 

Since then Allison and I have decided that we’d like to return to focusing on our individual strengths, in our respective areas of expertise. As I return to doing business as Laura King Photography, Allison will continue on with Evin Thayer Studios with her portrait and commercial photography.

This isn’t a total and complete split, however. We tend to think of it more that we’re now “sister brands” since we’ll still be sharing the same studio space. We’ll also continue supporting one another for photo shoots, sessions, and other day-to-day business practices. 

It ultimately comes down to the fact that photographers who aim to focus on their specialization or areas of expertise, are the ones who continue to get better and excel in their respective styles of photography. 

Headshots and commercial styles are obviously very different from newborns and first-year photography. And the image and marketing of a newborn brand also need to be very different from that of a commercial brand. So after much consideration, Allison and I agree that we can be more effective and better serve our customers by operating the brands individually. 

Therefore, in this space, and on this website, you’ll find resources and booking information exclusively for newborn and first-year photography! And my “new” sister brand, Evin Thayer Studios will continue to focus on commercial and portrait photography. 

So, there it is: the best of us both under one roof. Ready to book your newborn session, baby milestone session, or first-year cake smash? I look forward to hearing from you!