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5 Reasons to do a Maternity Photo Shoot in The Studio

A professional photoshoot is a perfect way to commemorate the time you’ve spent with your baby before they arrive in the world. Though it may not always feel like it, you’re going to miss this magical time when you were growing your baby in your belly. That’s why capturing this time is so important! 

With that in mind, here are some reasons why in-studio maternity sessions are so great.

  1. No worries about wind, heat, cold, bugs, rain

Sure, a beautiful day in the perfect sunny weather might sound amazing, but dealing with bugs, humidity, and wind blowing your hair in your face while you’re already tired of standing up at 8-months pregnant probably doesn’t sound as great! By choosing a studio session you avoid all the uncontrollable elements and generally bad weather, allowing for a comfortable and perfect environment for you and your belly-baby.

  1. In the studio, we control the light

You probably already know that the best time for portraits outdoors is right after sunrise or just before sunset. The warm, soft light is perfect for skin tones! But none of us want to be up before sunrise trying to look like we didn’t just wake up, right? And maybe you’re working until the sun is going down! By coming into the studio, we control the light completely, so that means we can work around your schedule. That means no rushing and no worrying about the sun in your eyes or wonky light due to clouds or other uncontrollable things.

  1. Convenience

My cozy in-home studio has a comfortable changing room and bathroom so any time you need to do a wardrobe change or take a break there’s zero hassle. There is also comfortable seating so you can rest mid-session after you’ve been taking on the more difficult poses with a baby in your belly!

  1. No crowds

If you’ve ever tried to take a photo in public you already know that waiting for other people to step out of the way is the most time-consuming challenge. Plus, photographers tend to know the best places for photos, so you may be waiting for another session to finish before getting to your spot. You don’t want to be standing around hoping someone will move before the sun goes down or, let’s be honest, standing around waiting at all. By booking a studio session you avoid that altogether and the only focus is on you, your baby, and getting the perfect shot.

  1. Comfort and Privacy

Whether it’s you alone, or you with a partner, being in a private space allows for total comfort and privacy to focus on capturing this moment. If you want to show some skin to highlight your beautiful form and belly, you can feel content with a personal space between you and your photographer to show off as much or as little as you’d like. 

The privacy of a studio space allows the photographer to give you all of their attention with no distractions from passers-by, weather conditions, or loose pets in the park. It can also allow you and your partner the comfort to get as close as you’d like without feeling self-conscious about strangers looking on.

From racing the light to fighting your hair in the wind or trying to find a place to change your outfit in a public park, there are myriad reasons to opt for a studio session for your maternity photos. Being pregnant may not always feel perfect, but it’s a magical time in your life that you will want to cherish forever with the perfect images. Book a portrait session in our studio today at, and you can rest assured that you will have the perfect keepsake to showcase and treasure for the rest of your life.

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