Laura King, Award-winning newborn photographer

Hi, I’m Laura. I think I have the best job in the world. In what other profession can you combine a love of art, with a love of babies? As a newborn photographer, I get to bring colors and textures and lighting together with the sweetest little subjects to create works of art. I’ve been photographing newborns since 2013, and it’s crazy to me to think that the first babies I photographed are now going into the third grade!


Not only are my first newborn subjects getting older, my own two daughters are now adults. Despite my most valiant efforts to slow down time and savor every moment, they are all grown up and having their own babies. I feel like I couldn’t possibly be old enough to be a grandma, but having grandkids is actually a lot of fun. I also enjoy traveling with my husband (see photo below of our 30th anniversary trip to Hawaii). And now that the kids are grown, we’ve adopted two more beautiful children – this time with fur. My favorite coffee mug says “I like big mutts and I cannot lie”.

Since you’re here, I’m sure you’ve already realized that time is a thief. You know that treasured baby in your arms – or even still in your belly – will grow and change so very quickly. This is why I do what I do. Back when my girls were born, newborn photography wasn’t even a thing. How I wish I had the sort of heart melting professional newborn photos of them, that I specialize in now. So you can bet that when their babies, my grandbabies, were born I made sure to capture amazing images of them. When we hold those photos, we remember what it was like to hold those tiny babies… all the little details come back. Their eyelashes, their pouty lips, their tiny toes, somehow my mind even conjures up that captivating new baby smell.  I want that for you too. Can’t wait to hear from you.