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Galveston Birth Center For Comfortable, Accessible Maternity Care

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Deciding what kind of birth you want is so important as a mama, as well as finding a great place to offer you postpartum support! Are you interested in an out-of-hospital delivery but want to still be in a birth center with available help and support? Galveston Birth Center may be perfect for you!

About Galveston Birth Center

Located at 712 10th Street in Galveston, TX, Galveston Birth Center was created to provide accessible alternative maternity care. The team discusses the choices available to moms for their pregnancy journey. In a county with limited birth options, the presence of a birth center encourages diversity in maternity care options, not only for Galveston Island but many neighboring towns. They share a vision for local and neighboring families that will provide options for prenatal and postpartum care nearby and birthing outside of the hospital.


Galveston Birth Center’s facility is a 3,800-square-foot Victorian-era home on 10th Street. The center is just blocks away from UTMB Hospital. Their facility or Pearland office house all prenatal and postpartum care, depending on what is most convenient for the families they serve. Their clients have the option to give birth in their own homes or their fully-equipped birth center. They offer maternity resources in an environment explicitly chosen to enhance your focus on your pregnancy journey and birthing experience. Galveston Birth Center also offers complimentary consultations for those inquiring about home and birth center options, including a tour of their facility. 

All consultations and tours are private; you will not be touring the facility or meeting the midwives in a group setting. These individualized consultations provide an opportunity for you to ask questions. Additionally, they will share valuable information regarding the midwives, their services, and birthing options. 

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Prenatal care includes: 

  • in-office confirmation of pregnancy ultrasound, 
  • comprehensive medical/prenatal history, 
  • risk assessment, 
  • nutritional counseling, 
  • lab work required by the state of Texas and any additional that is indicated, 
  • genetic screening (if desired, at an additional cost), 
  • urinalysis at each prenatal visit, 
  • assessment of mother’s well-being, 
  • assessment of fetal heart tones and position of baby, 
  • educational resources provided throughout your pregnancy, 
  • referrals for anatomy scans, 
  • access to their Family Nurse Practitioner for sick visits, and 
  • extensive professional referrals and resources for your pregnancy and postpartum needs. 

Galveston Birth Center offers: a private entrance and a charming, private suite that provides all of the luxuries of home, including: 

  • a living room, 
  • fully-equipped kitchen, 
  • a bathroom with an oversized tub with chromatherapy lighting, and 
  • a bedroom for privacy following the birth.

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In Bloom Midwives, who offer several services, run the Galveston Birth Center. In Bloom Midwives believe every woman benefits from midwives, someone who knows her and supports her choices and needs. They know they have succeeded as a midwife when, at the end of the journey, the women feel empowered and strengthened through their birth experience and their choices. 

In Bloom Midwives strives to provide new parents with the information and resources needed to continue making informed decisions for themselves and their families in the years ahead. On top of prenatal, labor, and birth services, In Bloom Midwives also offer postpartum services and placenta processing.  

Galveston Birth Center

Galveston Birth Center and its midwives operate with your comfort and needs in mind! Be sure to contact them to schedule your free consultation to see if they are everything you need in a birthing center!

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