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Houston Maternity Photoshoot – When to schedule?


As you consider the best time of your pregnancy to schedule a maternity photoshoot, it’s important to know that every body is different. Therefore, first and foremost, how are you feeling? Most mommas-to-be feel their best at the 7-8 month mark and typically book their session within this timeframe. However, if you’re showing early and feeling great, you can absolutely come in sooner. How much you’re showing a beautiful, full, round belly paired with how well you’re feeling can range anywhere from 28-34 weeks.

Remember, you may be asked to hold poses that might be a little uncomfortable while pregnant. (That said, we always work with your comfort level. If you’re not comfortable in a pose, we change it, plus we make sure you have plenty of breaks and water.) So, as long as your belly is nice and round and you’re feeling up for it, really anytime toward the second half of the pregnancy totally works!

This is a great time to spoil yourself a little – treat yourself to professional hair and makeup, and dress up in gowns. We have lots to choose from.  I’ll pose you and light you in ways that bring out your beauty and make you look amazing. You may even decide you want to show some skin and proudly show off those curves in a discreetly private studio shoot. Modest and demure  to ‘anything goes’ – it’s all up to you. 

Just be aware that towards the very end of the pregnancy, some mamas retain more water, and feet or other body parts may swell uncomfortably. In the last couple of weeks of pregnancy it’s very common to just feel ‘done’ and no longer be in the mood to be photographed, so we definitely want to get you in before that happens, if possible. There’s also always a chance if you wait until the very end, you could deliver early and miss your maternity session!

We can always talk in more detail about how you’re feeling and when you’re aiming to come in. I’m happy to schedule you at the time when you think you’ll feel your best. I look forward to capturing these precious pre-baby-arrival moments with you! 

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