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Houston Methodist Childbirth Center for Nurturing Care & Staff

Seeing those confirming pink lines on top of your missed period and maybe even some morning sickness can certainly stir up an array of emotions and questions! Don’t panic, mama-to-be! You’re going to do great! One of those questions running around your excited mind is probably, “Where will my baby be born?”. Suppose you haven’t chosen the destination for this momentous occasion and hope to find somewhere organized, welcoming, and packed with compassionate experts. In that case, Houston Methodist Childbirth Center is definitely a great option to consider for your labor and delivery needs. 

About Houston Methodist Childbirth Center 

What once started as a small hospital in 1919 on Rosalie Street to help care for the community during the Spanish flu epidemic has flourished into the accommodating Houston Methodist Hospital that it is today. Their community-driven hospital has grown to accommodate the families and individuals living nearby, including the addition of their Houston Methodist Childbirth Center at 6565 Fannin St., Houston, TX 77030. 

Their staff is full of highly trained and educated professionals passionate about their work. They believe each birth is a beautiful, momentous occasion that deserves a safe and supportive environment and individualized care delivered with the utmost compassion. 

Their certified OB-GYNs strive to provide each mother with a specialized childbirth experience through expert care. The nurses on their staff are committed to providing support and guidance so your pregnancy goes as planned. They work together seamlessly before, during, and after delivery to maintain safety, health, and comfort. Furthermore, they provide support to your partner and family.


The completely renovated birthing rooms at Houston Methodist Childbirth Center were designed to accommodate the many needs of families throughout their labor, birth, and recovery. You and your baby stay in one cozy and safe room together throughout your entire stay. 

They strive to provide high-quality care and advanced technology, making your unique and beautiful experience the best possible. The Houston Methodist Childbirth Center provides family-centered group classes and birth experiences from vaginal and cesarean to VBACs. They also support skin-on-skin bonding after birth.

After your baby is born, they have complete newborn screenings and use a high-quality infant security program, so your little one is always safe. 

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Your and your baby’s health and safety are always a priority at their birth center. They have a highly dedicated team available for any and all situations that includes:

  • Specialists of Board Certified Obstetricians,
  • Nurse Practitioners,
  • Maternal Fetal Specialists,
  • Pediatricians, and
  • Lactation Consultants.

If you or your baby require any special care, they also have a congenital heart clinic and level II special care nursery partnership with the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Houston Methodist Childbirth Center

Bringing your baby into the world is a unique and unforgettable moment in your life. This is a moment where you should feel safe and well cared for and be able to look back on and know that you and your baby were in great hands. Houston Methodist Childbirth Center offers a safe and caring space for your birthing story. You can check out their facility and services online for more information.

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