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Houston Midwives Providing Customizable Birth Plans & Support

If you’re anticipating the arrival of a new addition to your family, you likely want to ensure that you have top-notch preparations in place. The choice of how you give birth is an extremely personal and intimate one, and a lot of mothers have turned to midwives for assistance. Be sure to check out these fantastic Houston midwives today! 

3 Houston Midwives Providing Personalized Birthing Experiences 

The Birthing Place

For over 30 years, The Birthing Place has assisted in delivering hundreds of wonderful babies. The Birthing Place offers a natural home labor and homebirth service extending dedicated support and community programs such as prenatal, postnatal, natural childbirth, and lactation services. 

Their prenatal services include water birth, home birth, VBAC, multiples, breech, and well-women exams. They also offer support groups such as dad groups, yoga, and more. When you choose The Birthing Place, you will get medical care throughout your pregnancy, birth, and after your little one arrives. 

Midwifery services include: 

  • Preconception care, 
  • Prenatal exams, tests, 
  • Nutritional education, 
  • Delivery of your baby however you choose, and 
  • Postpartum follow-up care. 

No matter what you need throughout this precious time, these Houston midwives will be there every step of the way. 

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HomeBirth Experience

Female-owned and operated HomeBirth Experience offers a safe and natural venture from the moment you find out you are expecting all the way until after your little one arrives. The midwives encourage each parent to educate themselves about pregnancy and birth to make decisions that are best for them and their family throughout the pregnancy and birthing process. 

You can also receive full prenatal care throughout your pregnancy, where you will develop a birthing plan. These Houston midwives will answer any and all questions you may have throughout your pregnancy journey. 

When you go into labor, the midwife will arrive with all of the birth supplies and equipment, and she will provide labor support as needed. HomeBirth Experience believes that your body is the expert in childbirth, so your body knows exactly what to do naturally. Hence, she is just there to guide you, offer encouragement, and ensure you and the baby are healthy. 

Throughout your entire process with HomeBirth Experience, you will receive the following: 

  • Nutritional guidance during and after your pregnancy for you and your baby, as well as 
  • Educational resources for any services or support that you may want or need. 

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Full Circle Family Services

Full Circle Family Services offers: 

  • Comprehensive and individual prenatal and postpartum care
  • Continuous support throughout labor and birth, 
  • Prenatal counseling, 
  • A customized birth plan, and 
  • Postpartum and lactation support for breastfeeding and family bonding. 

The midwives are a people-centered practice where informed choice is paramount, evidence-based methods are employed, and intuition is honored. You can reach out to them to schedule a consultation to learn more about this fantastic Houston midwifery. 

Houston Midwives

Whether you need support during your pregnancy, guidance for laboring and birth, or care during the postpartum transition, these Houston midwives have many options to meet your specific needs for you and your family. Check out these fantastic organizations today for your tailored birthing experience! 

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