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Houston Prenatal Yoga | 3 Studios to Relieve Your Body’s Stress

Taking care of yourself before anyone else is vital to being a mom. Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and center our bodies and minds, especially while creating new life. In addition, prenatal yoga is the perfect way to help with growing aches and pains. These three highly-rated Houston prenatal yoga studios have just what you need to relieve that stress and pain. 

Houston Prenatal Yoga Centers to Relieve Your Body’s Stress

Motherhood Center

Motherhood Center is Houston’s only full-time prenatal yoga, fitness, and Pilates studio. For over 20 years, they have specialized in providing a variety of prime-time classes daily for all stages of motherhood. Motherhood Center offers a one-hour prenatal class that will help ease the discomforts of your pregnancy and help prepare your body for childbirth.  The prenatal fitness and pilates class incorporates light weights, large balls for seated poses, stretch bands, and some small weight balls.

Once your little one arrives, you can still attend classes as they offer a mom and baby yoga and fitness class. It allows you to regain strength and flexibility, bond with your baby, and connect with other moms. All classes run for one hour and are $24 per class. You can just walk right in as no prior registration is necessary. You can also buy different packages: 5 classes for $95 or 10 classes for $180. To help ease the discomforts during and after pregnancy, Motherhood Center is an excellent Houston prenatal yoga option

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Sundance Yoga

The journey through any pregnancy creates many changes in a woman’s body. One of Houston’s Prenatal yoga studios is Sundance Yoga. At Sundance Yoga, they help to provide the tools needed to manage the physical aches, mental worries, and emotional overloads. Regardless of your pre-pregnancy yoga experience, Sundance Yoga will offer a variety of modifications to suit all levels. If you aren’t up for attending a class in person, they also provide virtual yoga sessions you can partake in right from your living room. Be sure to reach out in advance so you can begin creating a relationship with Sundance Yoga and see all that they have to offer! 

Alcove Yoga

At this Houston prenatal yoga class, you will learn safe postures for the growing needs of mother and child throughout the pregnancy. This will allow you to calm your mind, relieve aches and pains, and improve the quality of your sleep and rest. You will also learn breath and energy management, which is an invaluable tool for labor and delivery. Teaching these classes is a two-time mother who has been teaching prenatal yoga since 2009. Included in the basic membership for prenatal yoga at Alcove Yoga are classes three times per week and unlimited viewing of prenatal yoga classes online, where you can practice anytime at home. The initial fee is $130 for the first 28 days for four classes, one per week. After that, the price is $100 per 28-day period. Additionally, you can register at any time for four weeks. So check out Alcove Yoga today! 

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Houston Prenatal Yoga

During your pregnancy, it’s essential to set aside time for yourself. Prenatal yoga allows expecting moms to relax, breathe, and connect with their babies. Houston prenatal yoga studios have so much to offer, so check them out to begin your prenatal yoga journey! 

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