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Houston Water Birth Guide and Important Planning Resources 

Choosing your birth plan is a big decision. However, knowing your options can help you see what you want most from this empowering and transformative moment. Whether you’re already expecting or planning to expect in the Houston area and might be interested in a water birth option, keep reading for more information to discuss this possibility with your support team and care professionals.

What is a Water Birth?

Water birth is when the mother spends the final stages of labor, usually in a birthing pool, with the delivery taking place in or out of the water.  Some women choose to labor and deliver in the pool, while some decide to labor in the pool and step out when it’s time to deliver. 

What are the Benefits?

Laboring and/or delivering in a birthing pool/tub can offer some benefits for mom-to-be. The warm water can relieve pain and help you relax during your contractions. The water helps support your weight as well. This support helps you to move easier during labor, making new positions to help your labor progress more feasible. Another benefit is gravity. Gravity can help move your baby further down the birth canal. And let’s not forget your perineum.  Laboring and/or delivering in the water can help increase a healthy perineum stretch reducing the risk of injury or limited tearing, if any at all. These fantastic benefits can make you feel more in control of your labor, empowering the experience.

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Where can I have a Water Birth in Houston?

Depending on your physician or midwife team, it can determine where you deliver, which can dictate if water birth is a possibility for your birth plan. I’ve rounded up a list of places that all offer Houston water birth along with their many other services. 

Heart of Houston Birth:

This is a team of midwives and partnering professionals dedicated to a personalized, holistic approach to support and care. 

1210 W Clay St Suite 4, Houston, TX 77019

The Houston Birth House:

This is a freestanding spa-like center with evidence-based midwifery ready to support your transition.

14030 Telge Rd Ste a, Cypress, TX 77429

Rite of Passage Women’s Health & Birth Center:

A private nurse-midwifery center ready to provide personalized care from family planning to post-menopausal.

2302 County Rd 124, Pearland, TX 77581

In Bloom Midwifery and Home Birth services:

They believe every woman deserves someone who supports her choices through her journey

3302 Nottingham St, Pearland, TX 77581

BioBirth Birth Center:

Providing safe and satisfying individualized care for each mother-to-be.

20 Professional Park Dr, Webster, TX 77598

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Houston Water Birth

If planning a water birth, please discuss your plan with your licensed Obstetric or Midwife. All medical choices have pros and cons and should be addressed by a professional. Safety for mom and baby is always important when planning your Houston water birth.  

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