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Kandiland League City for Education & Play-Centered Childcare 

Finding a day school for your kid can be an intimidating task. Of course, you want your child to feel happy and safe, but it’s also important to ensure they keep their minds active. Those early years are so vital for shaping a child’s education. A good day school will teach them while helping them begin to love learning. This is one of the many reasons why I adore Kandiland League City. Kandiland prioritizes your child’s safety while assisting them in growing their minds. It’s the perfect place for any little learner! 

About Kandiland League City

With three locations around the state, Kandiland is a trusted source of childcare for Texas families. The Westover center in League City is conveniently located right off I-45, making drop-offs a breeze. The school was founded in 1985 to give kids the best possible head start. 

Since then, the school has helped kids thrive by carefully curating a curriculum and giving students an outlet for their energy. It’s the perfect way to keep your child both entertained and educated! 

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With programs starting at infancy and continuing through school age, Kandiland League City is a center committed to keeping its kids growing. The school uses Frog Street Curriculum to engage your child’s attention while teaching them daily lessons. This trusted curriculum uses play as a primary learning tool, helping your child absorb lessons while having fun! On top of this, the center will teach your child various topics. 

In the early years, your child will learn baby signing and Spanish. As time goes on, the lessons grow deeper, teaching your child STEM and the arts. Kandiland focuses on kindergarten preparedness for older children, so you can rest assured they’ll be ready when it comes time to start elementary! 

The school is adamant about ensuring your child stays active throughout the day. The Westover location features a huge outdoor play area for play periods and an indoor gym that will let your child work out their energy even when it’s raining. 

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One of the best things about Kandiland League City is how much they prioritize safety. They understand the privilege of being trusted with your precious little ones and take their duty seriously! The campus has tall privacy fences, restricted access at all their entryways, and security cameras throughout the building.

The teachers are well-trained to make sure your child is constantly protected. The parking lot has large setbacks to ensure you can safely get your child in and out of the center.

On top of this, Kandiland provides an app that will send you pictures and reports on your child. You’ll never have to spend your day stressing about how your child is doing!  

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Kandiland League City

If you’re stuck on finding the right day school for your tot, check out Kandiland League City. There’s a reason why Texas families have been trusting the center for over 35 years! 

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