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Bayou City Breastfeeding Offers Compassionate Guidance & Care

Do you have a newborn, or are you currently expecting and hoping to breastfeed? Breastfeeding, while very beneficial for mom and baby, is not always an easy task. From getting a good latch, feeding positions, tongue-tied babies, and more, finding a lactation consultant to guide you along the way will only help to enrich your experience and make it a positive and successful one. Bayou City Breastfeeding promises to offer guidance every step of the way through your lactation journey.

About Bayou City Breastfeeding 

Suzanne Juel founded this woman-owned business. Juel believes in tackling any concerns with breastfeeding with a whole-picture approach to help mom and baby get the most out of this bonding opportunity. She understands that symptoms, as babies grow, can change and just become new symptoms, making it hard to correct. Rather than just looking at symptoms, she also looks at the big picture to address the very root of the issue. With the help of her fellow women board-certified lactation consultants, they dedicate themselves to helping mothers, even expecting mothers yet to give birth, to make the most of their breastfeeding adventure.

Whether in-person or virtually, they are eager to help guide you on your breastfeeding journey from pregnancy and beyond, with plenty of resources, educational information, and problem-solving tactics, so your breastfeeding story is successful. Unlike other breastfeeding consultants, they don’t just start after you have the baby or end after they feel you have a good grasp. They want you to have information during pregnancy until the baby is ready to wean. They also provide a multitude of information for other options and help with the guidance of pumping and bottle feeding. Bayou City Breastfeeding is your one-stop shop for your breastfeeding journey. 

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When it comes to breastfeeding, this phenomenal team of dedicated and passionate women pours themselves into every service they provide. 

Standard Visits

  • Prenatal
  • In-Patient
  • Postpartum
  • Nursing Well Check
  • Weaning

Other Specialty Visits

  • Bottle Feeding/Bottle Refusal
  • Breastfeeding Nutrition
  • Infant Reflux and Allergy
  • Pumping Consult
  • Back to Work

Oral Restrictions

  • Assessment for Oral Restrictions
  • Frenotomy Support
  • (attending procedure)
  • Post-Frenotomy Care

Other Services

  • Weight Check
  • Virtual Consults
  • Support Groups
  • Classes


Bayou City Breastfeeding understands that the breastfeeding journey is not only at the breast; it’s wherever the milk is needed. From breast to pumping to bottle feeding your little one, having support and guidance is what you can expect from this team. Whether going back to work or feeding at the breast just isn’t for you, they will help you with a plan to help you and your child still benefit from breastfeeding.

newborn sleeping in green overalls Bayou City Breastfeeding

Bayou City Breastfeeding

Having a team to support you through new adventures offers unbeatable peace of mind. Bayou City Breastfeeding has many locations to benefit from during this transition into parenthood.


3100 Richmond Ave., Suite 401

Houston, TX 77098

Jones Road Office (Near Willowbrook)

12777 Jones Road STE 455

Houston, TX 77070


Inside Flourish Family Chiropractic

780 Clear lake City Blvd., Suite 1A

Webster, TX 77498

West NASA Parkway Office

Inside of Airway Alliance ENT

333 N Texas Ave STE 2200

Webster, TX 77598

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