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HomeBirth Experience for A Safe & Natural Birthing Journey

If you have been searching for answers about a natural home birth, HomeBirth Experience is the right place for you! This excellent company offers various birthing services to personalize your experience in the way you see fit. Additionally, they provide the necessary resources to feel ready for this new life-changing journey.

About HomeBirth Experience

HomeBirth Experience offers a safe and natural experience from the moment you find out you are expecting all the way until after your little one arrives. The owner, Kellie, is a certified nurse midwife who is the owner and lead midwife at HomeBirth Experience. 

She believes that birthing and delivery is a natural and intimate process. If you desire to bring your little one into the world, then there should be an option to do it comfortably and safely! 


Whether you deliver at your home or the birth center, HomeBirth Experience will be with you every step of the day as they provide obstetric and gynecological healthcare. The midwives encourage each parent to educate themselves about pregnancy and birth. Hence, you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family throughout pregnancy and birthing. 

There are many services that you can choose from at HomeBirth Experience. You can start by signing up for a FREE one-hour consultation to get to know the midwives. There, you will get to know all about Kellie and the HomeBirth Experience. 

You can also receive full prenatal care throughout your pregnancy, where you will develop a birthing plan. Furthermore, Kellie will answer any and all questions you may have throughout your pregnancy journey. When you go into labor, Kellie will arrive with all of the birth supplies and equipment, and she will provide labor support as needed. 

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They believe that your body is the expert in childbirth, so your body knows exactly what to do naturally. Hence, she is just there to guide you, offer encouragement, and ensure that you and the baby are healthy. 

Once the baby is born, you will not be alone. Kellie will stay with you for several hours to ensure that feeding the baby, mom, and family is okay and doing well before she leaves. 


Kellie will offer the day-after visit and postpartum care for up to six weeks. You will never be alone and have all questions and concerns addressed and answered. 

Throughout your entire process with HomeBirth Experience, you will receive nutritional guidance during and after your pregnancy for you and your baby. They provide educational resources for any services or support that you may want or need. 

HomeBirth Experience

HomeBirth Experience is a female-owned and operated midwife service that has you and your family covered from the moment you find out you are expecting to weeks after your little one has arrived. The midwives are knowledgeable and caring and understand your specific wants and needs. They are willing to make that happen for you! Be sure to check out the HomeBirth Experience to schedule your FREE consultation today!

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