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Houston Home Birth for a Calm and Natural Birthing Experience

Giving birth is one of the most intimate events we may ever experience. Delivering your baby somewhere you feel comfortable and free to make decisions is empowering. That can help you take control of the incredible journey we take toward parenthood! Home birth allows you the freedom to give birth your way, and with an experienced midwife by your side, you, Mama, are unstoppable. Check out some incredible Houston home birth midwives below! 

Houston Home Birth for a Natural Experience

In Bloom Midwifery

Three exceptional midwives run In Bloom Midwifery. They believe every woman benefits from having a midwife to share their journey. To them, midwives are someone who knows you and is supportive of your choices and needs. They know they have succeeded when at the end of the journey, “the women we work with feel empowered and strengthened through their birth experience and the choices they have made.” They offer midwifery services for home births, but they also have their facility, Galveston Birth Center. Patients are welcome to labor and deliver their babies at the birth center. Bloom Midwifery provides extensive prenatal care, focusing on educating each family, so they feel capable of making their own decisions regarding pregnancy and childbirth. They also offer additional services such as placenta encapsulation and birth photography. That way, you can make the most out of your birth experience. 

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HomeBirth Experience

Midwife Kellie Moeller has been a Certified Nurse Midwife since 1989, assisting families in hospitals as a labor and delivery nurse and in home births. She prides herself on her passion and experience, providing families with the education, safety, and freedom they need to have the home birth experience they expect. HomeBirth Experience brings the safe and natural birth experience back to the heart of the journey: the family. That way, the birthing experience occurs naturally as an intimate, private, and natural process. 

With Kellie at your side during your labor, you are encouraged to change positions, move around, and take charge of your own experience. Whether your birth is at your home or a birth center, Kellie is ready to help you prepare for every moment. From comprehensive prenatal care to complete birth care to postpartum care, Kellie is there for you. Kellie also is passionate about offering nutritional guidance. That way, pregnant moms (and new moms!) can be sure they are getting the nutrient-dense diet they need to nourish their babies. 

Bay Area Community Birth Center

At Bay Area Community Birth Center, midwives Stephanie Palacio and Frances Jones-Coleman dedicate their time to helping families customize their birth experience. Their decades of combined expertise help mothers and families prepare for this incredible and life-changing event’s emotional, physical, and practical aspects. Though their company name represents their licensed birth center, Stephanie and Frances will happily assist patients in home births. That includes personalized and comprehensive prenatal care and plenty of advice while preparing for labor and delivery. Indeed, the location is the only difference between the experience of delivering at their birth center and delivering from the comfort of your own home! Your midwife is there to provide care, encouragement, and comfort – everything else is entirely up to you! 


Houston Home Birth

Home is where the heart is. Contact any incredible Houston home birth midwives today if you believe a home birth is right for you. They will help you create the perfect plan for your unique home birth experience.

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